Support Piracy

Have you downloaded your free copy of the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine? Are you going to watch it at home or in the cinema? I don't have a "home entertainment system", i.e. HD TV with surround sound, so I think I'm going to watch it in the cinema.

Is piracy theft? Probably. Does piracy kill creativity? Certainly not! Many people who are passionate about what they do will still continue to do the things that they enjoy even if they don't get paid. There are independent film makers who make films even if their films never make it to the big screen, song writers and singers who share their music for free through online distribution channels, writers and bloggers who share their ideas for free, and Linux continues to offer its operating system free-of-charge. "Piracy kills creativity" is a myth spread by producers and businesses because piracy reduces their income.

Contrary to common belief, I think piracy is beneficial for businesses. There are other ways to make money other than selling the actual product, such as merchandising, selling concerts instead of music CDs, selling support for software rather than software.

If not for my friend's pirated copy of the first part of The Lord of the Rings, I would have never paid to go to the cinema to watch the other 2 parts of the trilogy (Ok, I went but it wasn't me who paid :P What kind of title is The Lord of the Rings anyway? And there's only 1 ring!). Piracy makes it easy for consumers to easily sample and access things they might have missed out on. If not for pirated music downloads, maybe Rihanna's concert in Singapore would not have sold-out. If not for pirated copies of Microsoft software available for "sampling", maybe not that many corporate buyers would support Microsoft products (it crashes ever-so-often so why do we use it?).

So go ahead and download X-men Origins. Perhaps some of you who have not watched the X-men trilogy before would run out to buy the original DVDs after watching it.


TrainMan said...

aye aye mate!!! grrr grrr
wan sum rum!!

all pirates are Mac..hey ho