Sexual bribery

As the saying goes, men give love for sex and women give sex for love.

It can be argued that women want sex too but I'm quite sure - not as much as men do - evident from the ratio of men to women seeking sex in pubs and on the Internet. I won't say that men actually give love for sex but rather they say things or give the impression that there's love or a possibility of love in the future. Tell me, do men marry for sex? Of course sex is important but I don't think the typical man would marry a woman just and only because she's good at sex. There would be other positive attributes that he would be looking for too like trust and attraction, correct me if I'm wrong.

Some women give sex for love (or for the hope of getting love). In other words, women are bribing men with sex to get love. For example, some women pretend that they are ok with a friends-with-benefits or fuck-buddy (FB) kind of relationships or even extra-marital affairs in the hope of getting the guys to commit to them in marriage some time in the future. Some men are not emotionally available. There's no way to domesticate them. Even getting pregnant is not going to do any good. I really wonder why some women keep deceiving themselves. After half a year or so, it would be quite obvious where the relationship is headed. More extreme cases would be of women who have affairs with married men agree over the years to go for multiple abortions (too lazy to use condoms??). Don't tell me that those women do what they do because love is blind - whatever you want to call it, it is not love. Or maybe I've misunderstood and not all women who give sex for love are looking for long-term commitments. Perhaps they are happy with "here and now".

For me, I establish the nature of the relationship at the start - in my head. A (boyfriend) BF is a BF, an FB is an FB. A BF cannot become an FB and an FB cannot become a BF. Some guys whom I've not slept with suggested to me that we could have sex while getting to know each other better. Sorry but I'm not going to fall for that. Dishonesty is turn off. Tell me the truth and allow me to decide for myself. Sexual bribery is not something that I need to resort to.

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jack said...

very true what you write... ppl should lay their intention first.. so its easier..

jack said...

how old are you? you sound like you exp alot of things.. lol

Yu-Kym said...

a woman's age is secret *ssshhh*

Anonymous said...

I think FB can turn into BF. Personally I had that experience. We got started as FB then we call it off then after a while we finally got together and 2 years now and going strong..

hahah but again, I think mine is like the rare one.

Yu-Kym said...

Good for you! I think it depends on the individual. Agree that yours is probably a rare case.