Sex pheromones

Pheromones are any chemical signals that living organisms, such as insects and animals, use to communicate or send messages to other members of the same species. Think of it as an "natural scent". Pheromones can be used for mating, territorial marking, triggering flight or fight response, etc.

Of particular interest to me are sex pheromones. In female animals they indicate the availability for breeding and in male animals pheromones convey information about their species and their genetic characteristics that cannot be seen. Many insect species release sex pheromones to attract a mate. Many moths and butterflies can even detect a potential mate from 10km away! Some studies indicate that human beings emit sex pheromones too. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why certain people tend to attract more members of the opposite sex than others who may seem to be of the same "calibre". For those lacking in sex pheromones, there are body sprays containing human sexual pheromones that supposedly help to increase the user's sexual attractiveness.

Our attention to hygiene could be interfering with our bodies' natural ability to make us "smell" sexy. When we bath we wash away the pheromones. When we use anti-perspirants the pheromones can't be secreted. It seems perfumes and colognes also mask the effects of pheromones. I won't recommend stopping the use of them if you have body odour though - body odour is not sexy! (Only sexy to people who have odour fetish).

Have you ever felt turned on by someone who just had a sweaty workout? And if you have tried hot, sweaty sex I think you would agree that it is alot more exciting then cool, clean sex in an aircon room! So don't stop at turning off the lights during Earth Hour - you can do more: turn off the aircon and indulge in some hot, sweaty sex!

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er1c_sg said...

hehe...i totally agree..=)
i love hot sweaty sex myself!

er1c_sg said...

anyway, i just started a blog too.
mine is

Anonymous said...

I do get turn off, even headache when someone uses certain type of perfume.
I do like my own t shirt smell after day or 2 even though i dont sweat much. I am sure u will like it too. I like it warm, no direct fan, hot and sticky, no.

Yu-Kym said...

The cheap perfume type of smell? I get sick from that too.

Anonymous said...

Those sweaty school girls after school...I love the smell. I nearly always get a hard on when they get near me, spreading the erotic scent of their young bodies.

Anonymous said...

If you exercise vigorously, you would normally sweat profusely. The body cools itself down.

I believe the degree of perspiration also may impact on your sex life. How so?

Perspiration serves to "cleanse" the body by expelling bad odour and toxins from your body too.

If you exercise regularly and frequently, drink lots of plain water to replenish and rehydrate your body, your "sweat" will smell nice and neutral, with only a very slight tinge of sweet-saltish pleasant or neutral taste. The natural and frequent expulsion and intake of fluids performs a necessary and useful exchange that positively affects sexual chemistry through "clean" smell and taste.

If you exercise or perspire occcasionally, infrequently or not at all, your sweat will have some unpleasant body odour and even taste unpleasantly saltish or perhaps a little bitter-like. This surely puts ppl off!

I run 5 clicks at least 4 times a week, swim a 40-min continuous but slow freestyle in a lap pool and work out in the gym with weights and presses with the remaining days. Occasionally, I do take a day off.

Sometime ago I was dancing non-stop with a hot girl in a nitespot. We were both so energetic that we perspired right through our clothes to our skin, glistening with the strobelights. When the slow music came on, we hugged each other tight only to find ourselves kissing and licking each other's perspiration around the face, neck etc whilst moving to the rhythm of the music. I'm taller than her so I licked her sweat off her bear back shoulders too and revert back front and down to the upper regions of her breasts. I dont much care what others think. keke I believe she tasted extremely good because she is an active person (although I never asked). Perhap the taste of our sweat with the presence of pheromones helped enhanced the eroticism and our lusts that night! I think she felt the same or else after the club closes, we wouldnt have proceeded further.

What is my message here? That if you want great connection, keep fit, exercise (and therefore perspire) frequently and regularly. Not only does your pleasant body odour and sweat create the initial sexual and animalistic attraction, you will have great sex too! I can vouch that sweat (fitness) and sex goes hand in hand together!

curious cat