Sex and exercise

I've had a few of such conversations with guys:

Me: Do you exercise or do sports?
X: Yes.
Me: What kind of sports?
X: Sex.

Such a old joke. It's not funny anymore.

Some guys get the impression that bedroom exercise or sexercise is sufficient. Well, yes, you can get pretty tired from sex and it can burn alot of calories (depending on the position you use and the duration) but if you want to be a good performer, you need to train.

Athletes need to train and condition their bodies for peak performance. Golfers need to go to the driving range to practise in order to improve their game. When it comes to sex, what makes people think they don't need to train? If you don't train at all, I hardly think you would make a good partner.

There are plenty of things one can do to improve sexual performance. You can try new positions, learn new skills, improve your dirty talking vocabulary, do strength training so that you can hold certain positions better, and do Kegal exercises to strengthen and increase your control of your sex-related muscles. But I think the most basic thing is not to drop dead halfway during sex from tiredness or a heart attack!

A friend told me that his ex-girlfriend didn't want to have sex because she said "sex makes her tired". That's creative! I don't know whether that was the real reason or maybe the guy just wasn't good at sex and she didn't want to hurt his feelings.

I think sexual compatibility is important. If you're the kind of person, like me, who enjoys extended play it would be necessary to find a partner who regularly does stamina-building exercises such as running and swimming. That's why I exercise often. Do you? *wink*

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Anonymous said...

I have something to say about this..
2 methods to giving the peak performance in bed.
First method, work out. Cardio and resistance training is a must to maintain stamina and strength. Stamina to last long and not out of breath, strength is to thrust in and out till the bed knocks.
second method, as in like some athletes who wants to win badly in a game. They cheat.
Take drugs. There are some drug out in the market other than Viagra, certain chemicals like Tongkat Ali (a kind of herb/plant found in Indonesia) can make a weakling in bed becomes a powerful bedroom warrior.
Try execises and drugs together?
What will it becomes? Porn star?

Mr Choo