Rock Climbing

I just took up rock climbing. It's something that I've always wanted to do - for at least 10 years!

Before I tried it I thought I can't be that difficult to step on a few rocks to get to the top. But when I got to the wall, I realised that it really wasn't easy! I suppose I had one less thing to worry about because I'm not afraid of heights. However, I haven't been working out my upper body so I had muscle aches almost the entire week. This picture shows my very first climb a week ago. My friend asked me to try the tallest wall (25m). I managed to get to the mid-point. I couldn't get past that point because there weren't any grips higher up that I could reach. I'll just have to figure out some other way next time...

Yesterday I wanted to try climbing barefooted. As if climbing with shoes wasn't hard enough! But everything's worth a try and I like doing crazy or unusual things. I managed to climb a 15m wall but not without difficulty. It's alot harder without shoes because there's less friction between the rock and my foot and also I have to use the strength of my toe to balance myself instead of my entire foot/leg if the rock is very small. Moreover, it's a little painful on the feet. The balls of my feet do feel slightly bruised from the "foot reflexology". Now I truly appreciate the reason for wearing climbing shoes. It does feel good to go au naturel on my feet though! I think I will do it again! Maybe I'll known there as the gal who climbs barefooted :P


er1c_sg said...

hahaa...u r so darn cool n funky!