Open-mindedness and sex

One common term that's used on the internet by sex seekers is "open-minded". When a guy asks me whether I'm open-minded, he means to ask whether I am keen on cybersex, phonesex, camsex or real sex.

By dictionary-definition, being open-minded means being receptive to new ideas or other people's idea and opinions. I find most Singaporeans (both men and women) far from being open-minded. Many are quick to criticize and judge, e.g. criticizing the intelligence of Ms Singapore-Universe contestants, making judgment on who is right or wrong in other people's marriages, advising their friends to "lower their standards" when finding life partners, etc. Everybody wants to be an adviser even before hearing what the "advicee" has to say. As a result, many people here live in fear of what others might think or say about them and base their decisions and actions the reaction which they hope to get from others. Perhaps it's the way we've been brought up or educated. Perhaps we should blame it on the government. When we can't find anyone to blame, we always blame it on the government :P

So am I open-minded? I think so. But not so much in the web-definition kind of way, i.e. seeking sex on the internet.

I know it sounds crude but I would like to propose that guys seeking sex should use the term "open-legged" instead, for avoidance of confusion. Excuse me, are you open-legged?


piney said...

I think there is no relation between openminded and sex. Open minded ppl might not be so receptive abt sex with other ppl. Just that they are more receptive in certain things only. And open-legged is really crude lol, maybe can change to "open-to-bed" lol more refined

Anonymous said...

SHould be like this..
Am a Male with High Testorone..
High Sex drive with a gifted Horse's dick.
Am looking for a friendly and no questions ask submissive "Opening" on every hole imaginable for a body..
Kindly call..1800-FUCKMESILLY right now..
Am waiting in my 6 stars hotel suite right now..
That's crappy Open minded topics...
Mr Choo

Anonymous said...

so are you open-legged? :P

Liang said...

haha how true ppl tend to ask if you're open minded in relation to sex. on the internet... so i really had to agree with u with the open legged term ><

BTW, i wonder if the grass is always greener on the other much to complain about SG while i have so much to complain about msia and would choose SG anytime compared to msia T_T

Savahn said...

Liang, how true! I would gladly choose SG over MY anyday. At least SG government is competent, the streets are clean, transportation is convenient and the botanic gardens so well maintained and beautiful.

Yu-Kym said...

My ex-boss said: the grass is greener on the other side, but it's the same shit underneath.