New year resolutions: Q1 review

In January, I wrote my new year resolutions (see My New Year Resolutions). The first quarter of the year has passed and I think it's a good time to review my achievements. It's no point reviewing them at the end of the year only to find that I'm way off track, right?
Here is the status for each of my resolutions.

1. Stop procrastinating

So far I've been doing the things that I need to do, e.g. buying a camera, buying my vitamins and supplements, and the "things that I've always wanted to do" like learning scuba diving, learning rock climbing. I'm taking some concrete action on the other "things that I've always wanted to do" such as going to Redang to dive and Australia to visit my aunt. I've still some way to go in terms of doing the things that I need to do - bringing my mp3 player to the service center - because I've been too busy at work.

2. Goal: Get healthier and fitter!

I'm right on track with eating supplements and vitamins. I've been exercising but not as often as I would like. Ideally, I would like to have 2 short sessions (about 20-30 mins) and 2 long sessions (over 40 mins) per week.

3. Goal: Look better!

I've not been diligent in applying moisturizers and skin care.
Dressing-wise I think I'm doing fine. (If my mother criticises my dressing, it's a good sign!)

4. Get financial more savvy!

I'm still feeling bored whenever I read financial news and I can't bear to spend more than 2 minutes on it. Help!

I am also taking this opportunity to review my goals and happiness level which I wrote about in February (see 5 Rules for Happy Living).

- I exercise regularly. 4/5. I would like to exercise more frequently.
- I look great and feel great. 4/5. There's always room for improvement.
- I love my home. 4/5. But for the lack of fumigation of the rubbish chute.
- I am at peace with myself and people. 4/5. Some colleagues piss me off.
- I have a loving relationship with my family. 3/5. I've been avoiding my mum.
- I inspire people. 2/5. Inspired my sis to exercise. Have I inspired you?
- I have courage to follow my dreams. 2/5. Still lacking the spark of inspiration.
- I can afford to maintain my current standard of living even if I have no income for 5 years. [confidential... hehe]
- I have alternative sources of income of at least $1000 per month. 0/5.

3 more quarters left in the year! I will re-evaluate at the end of Q2.