More partners = better at sex?

If a person has had more sex partners, it does somehow give the impression that he/she is more experienced and therefore better at sex than someone who has only had 1 or 2 partners (or is a virgin). Every time I get tempted to think this way, I remind myself of a guy I knew a long time ago.

This guy was constantly telling me that all his ex-girlfriends were flight stewardesses and he never would never sleep with a girl more than once. My curiousity got the better of me and in spite of better judgment I decided to make out with him. It was then that I realised why he would never sleep with the same girl twice - he's got a micropenis! "Lucky" for him, I was still curious to find out whether that's the actual size when erect so I completed the handjob (if he cums that means it was fully erect).

I wasn't going to see him again. Unfortunately, the feeling wasn't mutual. He called and called. I changed my phone number. It was just my luck to bump into him 4 times over the next couple of years. And he still asked me for my phone number. The 1st time, I wasn't quick enough to give him a fake number. He called but I didn't pick up. The subsequent times I didn't give him my phone number. On the 4th occasion, I asked him why he wanted my number. He said it's because we are friends. I told him point black: Really, are we friends? He was shocked and just said “My God”. I think I can be sure that even if he sees me next time, he's not going to talk to me. I hate having to be brutal, but if someone doesn't get the hint, I just have to be. (So much for all that big talk about never sleeping with a girl more than once. A guy who is that "great" won't need to behave this way. Btw, I never slept with him so maybe that's why he kept pestering me?).

So the next time someone tells you that he/she has many sex partners, consider the possibility that maybe the person had to keep changing partners because none of them were coming back for 2nds!


TrainMan said...

no skill also??

Anonymous said...

maybe you could give me a tug instead?