Love me, hate me

I've notice I'm started to get some "negative" comments on my blog. Ironically, that to me is a good sign.

Is there somebody at work or in school whom you hated? Perhaps some guy who doesn't seem to work much but gets promoted ahead of you? Or maybe some guy who managed to hook up with a gal whom you liked?

Only people who are interesting enough or got your attention in either a good or bad way are worth criticising or hating. There are many "I hate Britney Spears" clubs (Btw I like Britney), Zhang Ziyi got tonnes of criticism after the photos of her at the beach showed up on the Internet, and many people hate Brat Pitt. What's the point of criticising them? They're rich and they don't have to care!

I'm sure there must have been people who hated me during my school days and co-workers who hate me now. Love me, hate me. I am who I am. Keep your comments, praises and criticisms coming please! Let's all have fun reading those bad comments :)

- I've not deleted any of the negative comments on my blog
- Hate may be too strong a word but for the purpose of blogging on the Internet where everything is exaggerated, I think it's still appropriate.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Hi Kym, after reading most of yr entries and i must say... u are another cool blogger (with a mind of her own and dare to be yrself regardless of the rest)

At least u written with all yr true thoughts, yes brutally honest and no pt being hypocritical (i hate that!) and i admit deep down inside, i enjoy or rather excited when i read certain entries lol (most which i agree in unison) and comments for those controversial ones.. shall check back daily for yr posts cheers :P

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Miu Miu!