It never rains but pours

As the phrase goes... it never rains but pours.

I thought I was on the road to recovery after resting on Saturday and Sunday but all it took was 4 hours of breathing in the stale, infected air in the office to get me back to where I was a week ago - lethargic and with a sore throat. Today at work, a colleague totally pissed me off. I dislike it when people disregard the limitations of time, space and the human body. I'll figure out a way to deal with him tomorrow...

My mp3 player is spoilt and I need to get it repaired but I had thrown away my receipt when I bought it (I don't know why I did that!). I thought I'd listen to music on my handphone instead but the main vocals in the songs never came on! My earpiece was faulty too! It was working just fine yesterday. There wasn't much I could do except to appreciate the music and backup vocals in those songs. On a brighter note, I did get a new perspective on those songs and maybe I'll sing karaoke on my handphone after I recover from my sore throat!

So did I have a bad day? Nah... every day is a wonderful day! Rain, storms, shine and rainbows are part of the cycle of nature. This moment in time will never happen again - savour it!


TrainMan said...

El Nina in foul mood nowadays...hate the weather now..

Yu-Kym said...

I still love the weather! :)