Don't keep callin ok?

I frequently use the Starhub web SMS service to send messages to my sister. It's much faster to type on the keyboard than thumbing the buttons on my handphone. The service allows the recipient (handphone subscriber) to reply directly to the sender's (my) web screen. Recently, I've been receiving crossed-messages. No, it's not my sister sending messages incorrectly to me because the messages come tagged with a phone number. Here's what I received today:

Msg 1: "Got. I wan sleep ready . Very tired."
Msg 2: "K. Love you too. I sleep ready ya. Don't keep callin ok?"

Can you guess whether a guy or gal wrote these?
My guess: a guy.
My elder sister's guess: can't tell whether it's a guy or gal but it's definately a freakozoid.

I get the idea that gals have the greater tendency to keep calling. I've witnessed some of my guy friends' handphones ringing with calls from their girlfriends checking on them almost every minute of the day. Of course, guys do that too - my sisters and I have had our fair share of guys who keep calling and we aren't that nice when we tell them not to call! How else do you treat a freakozoid?? So I'm guessing it's a guy because the messages posted above seem rather polite.

What's your guess?
Have you ever had to tell anyone not to keep calling? Or are you a freakozoid?


hedonist said...

yeah, it's really bothersome when someone keeps calling to find out where u are and wat ur up to.

Yu-Kym said...

I dislike getting calls, msg or sms asking me "where are you" or " what are you doing" and when I ask "why?", they reply "nothing" or "just curious". Is somoone supposed to be seen as caring because he/she asks these questions?

Anonymous said...

My personal experience tells me the calling party usually seeks re-assurance he/she are constantly in your thoughts.
Spare a bit of psychological caring and tell them not to worry too much whether you are getting enough sleep for the meeting the next day - "Sweetheart, do you think I will be getting any sleep if you keep sms-ing me?"
Another idea, buy a pillow each and after using it for a week, exchange pillows. Now both of you can sleep soundly!

Yu-Kym said...

The pillow idea is cute! I shall use my best shampoo!