What is love?

Judging from the comments on my previous post, Do/say first, apologise later, I think I'm not alone in being confused as to what love is. Can anyone define what love is in one sentence in such a way that everyone would agree with? If you can, I'll be interested to meet you.

Try looking up the word in the dictionary - you'll find more than one definition. Don't ask me to read book after book to understand what love is. All I want is just one sentence that people can understand.

Some people say love is a feeling; others say it is not a feeling but a choice; some people say love is blind. There are countless books written about love, countless talks conducted about love, countless religious people, psychologists and counselors trying to explain what love is but we are nowhere closer to understanding or defining it simply.

Ever heard this or said it yourself: "I love him/her but I'm not in love with him/her." What makes it more confusing is that each of us has a different definition of love: a man may say, "I think my wife doesn't love me," but his wife says, "of course, I love him," and because love is subjective you can't a panel decide for you whether love is present in your relationship or not.

I have a proposition about the word "love":
a) We re-define it precisely, accurately and in such a way that everyone can understand it in exactly the same way; or
b) We eliminate it totally from vocabulary - stop asking what love is, stop using the word. Nobody really understands it anyway.


Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

Love is motivation. A hierarchy of need that motivate and persue you in your life fulfilness and philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Greatest Love of all..Sacrifice.

Kavin said...

Love is when you are willing to do anything for the person without having to be asked to and just feel rewarded with a smile from him/her. Love is when ever you have free time, he/she will pop into your mind which will bring smile to your face. Love is when ever you are looking at something interesting, he/she is the 1 you would like to share it with....Love is...everything...

Anonymous said...

Its the feeling of being happy for no reasons at all.
When you see her, you feel on top of the world! :-)
When she smiles at you? You feel mighty great!!!
When you started talking? You just wish it wont end!
When you eat together? You tend to eat slower (and you don't even know it!) because you keep looking at her. (hehehe)

Thats is when you're still single.
When you get married?

You're just proud she's your wife.
When you go for overseas (job) you feel happy because you have all the time for yourself, but then you realize that you misses her the following day. When you come home you can't wait to have sex with her. You feel empty when you come home and there is nobody there to kiss you (when she's out on holiday or something).

Love... it comes in all forms.
But defining it? I guess it will take its own definition from that individual experiencing it.


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks for contributing but I asked for 1 sentence that everyone can understand in the same way and agree with it! Looks like nobody can do it!

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie,
Love is dreamy, erring, hoping, waiting, imagining and dying to be with that someone every single second and minute of your life!
johnathan :P

Anonymous said...

True Love is experiencing distintive emotional communication between one man and one woman! No buts, no ifs!

Yu-Kym said...

johnathan, the word "distinctive" is vague. How about the physical part of doing something other than just communication and talking?

Anonymous said...


u ask for a definition in one sentence about love where you yourself cannot comprehend, don't know and don't even understand and u expect others to give or tell it to you??

wat do u expect when you urself who claimed to be bold, outspoken and the all-knowing dunno....

if you hv not wasting ur time blogging and jugdging people whom you think is fun and nice ting to do, perhaps you will be able to find the meaning of love urself rather than asking people bout it.

"nobody is perfect, small or big cock but all is capable of love"

Yu-Kym said...

If I knew exactly what it is, I would say so. There's nothing wrong with admitting that I do not understand something. It's far worse than pretending to understand, don't you think? If you think you understand it, can you please tell me concisely what it is?

red_kitty_29 said...

you think you love someone 'cos he/she can make you happy, and gives you the opportunity to do things that you LOVE to do! in actual fact, "love" is overplayed.....


the reason why u do not understand what love is...is 'cos it simply does not exist