The sperm concept

"Sperm are like e-mail spam, so cheap to make and deliver that a vanishingly small return rate is sufficient to underwrite the project." - Daniel C Dennett

I've got to say: some guys send out messages like sperms. I don't know them in person and we made no prior connection at all but after 1 email of "hi, how are you" they ask for my phone number, ask me out or suggest having sex. The "ultimate" type of guy does not post his picture online (or has his face covered with sunglasses or a hat) and sends me his phone number right after checking out my pictures and hopes I would call. My first thought was: why would any gal respond to such a guy? On second thought, I suppose some guys out there must be achieving some degree of success otherwise they won't be doing it at all. Their target audience is probably the type of gal who is curious, desperate or bored enough to respond. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't fall into those categories.

Likewise, although I can't imagine why anyone would bother to open spam emails, there are people who do. Email spammers send out thousands of emails and it only requires a very small percentage of people to respond to make it worth their while.

The same goes for tissue paper sellers at food/hawker centers. It just takes a few people to buy it to make it worth their time. The best I've heard so far: asking for a $2 donation while handing out 4 numbers written on a piece of paper, wishing good luck to the patrons to "strike" those 4 numbers. By the way, I think it's a fantastic idea to sell hope (not selling any product, no capital required) and some people do buy it!

Note: In Singapore, people sell over-priced tissue paper at food centers to earn a living. One way of gambling in Singapore is by buying "4D" or 4 digits - it's something like a lottery but the winning combination consist of 4 digits and the draws are held 3 times a week.


TrainMan said...

can i have your number and make out with you? LOL