Sharing my bed

How romantic it is to fall asleep in your partner's arms and to wake up to sweet kisses and hot sex! Ahhh... I know many people dream of this. You see it on TV and in the movies all the time. But to me, it's just overrated no thanks to Hollywood.

You may be shocked to hear this but I don't like sharing my bed. I sleep alone now and I'm loving it. I can't imagine giving up my nights of uninterrupted sleep to share my bed with a guy. No, I don't think it is romantic to be kept awake by my partner's snoring or tossing and turning in bed. I don't like to be awakened by his movements when he gets out of bed or leaves the room. I don't like to be awakened for sex. I like sex but I like to get enough sleep too. When I get up in the morning, I need to pee, not have sex. By the way, "sweet" morning kisses don't smell very good.

You must be thinking that I'm not romantic at all. Well, if that's how you define romance, then feel free to think of me as a non-romantic gal.

Research shows that men sleep better when sharing the bed with their partner(s) *wink* but women have a poorer quality of sleep. It seems, biologically, women tend to be light sleepers because we are the carers for the young. Despite not sleeping well, many women put up with sharing a bed because that's the "normal" thing to do. If you visit your friend's home in which it is apparent that the husband and wife do not sleep in the same room, wouldn't you find that strange?

I hope to find a partner who won't insist that we sleep in the same bed just to keep up appearances or to fulfill his Hollywood fantasy. If he's flexible enough, where to have sex won't be a problem. We can do it on my bed, on his bed, in other parts of the house, outside the house, in the car, etc. I think it's better to be with a woman like me who dares to say No to sharing a bed but is keen on having sex than with the one who would share your bed but doesn't want to have sex!



Mr Choo said...

GO get yourself a KING size Bed la...
Sleeping together on a narrow plank of a bed definately will get knock here and there during your beauty (after sex) sleep.

I have to agreed with you on a certain point though..
Rather have sex and not sleeping together then sleep together and not having sex or some form of intimacy.

Anonymous said...

Think you should get the simmon's individual pocked spring mattress as you won't feel the movement of your partner(as claim by the tv ads).
Well to me cuddling each other to sleep is sweet too but just imagine if your partner is a snorer.. that can b a disaster. Although I like to sleep with my love one but still we have lived large parts of our life sleeping alone.. so it will take some adjusting...

Anonymous said...

For me?
Its like 'hey lets have fun!'
(30 minute later...)
'ok, now get lost!'

Not my cup of tea.

I like it when I wake up in the morning and see an angel still asleep IN THE SAME BED we had fun last night.

It leaves a very bad after taste for me having to leave someone you love because she doesn't want all those stuff - that just wont work for me.

Its like having having sex with a sex doll.
So... that's a big No-no for me.


Yu-Kym said...

Hi Mr Choo and Anon1, King sized bed is still too small. Simmon's matteress doesn't work because there's still another layer on top and the sheets will get pulled so I will still feel the movement. The best is visco-elastic mattress but there's still the problem of snoring, getting kicked or having my bolster stolen...

Hi Anon2,
Perhaps I'm not understanding it in the right way. Pardon me if I got it wrong...
"... leaves a very bad after taste for me having to leave someone you love because she doesn't want all those stuff"
Meaning you would force it on her though she doesn't want it so that it doesn't leave you with a bad after taste?

Anonymous said...

Nope... I'm the type that doesn't force. :-)
After knowing all those details from a woman? I would let her know how I feel about it. Its up to her to adjust (or not to). Whatever that makes her happy.

But I would definitely walk away if she chose not to adjust as don't want a separate lives at night. I don't want a to live a life (all my life) to sleep my night alone.


Anonymous said...

Sharing or sleeping alone is define my individual's character or rather their past. According to research, a closely knitted family will make us feel comfortable with people around us and you will rather sleep alone if your family are not closely knitted when we were young - Nicholas C

Yu-Kym said...

Interesting... I guess there are many reasons and theories.

Hayabusa said...

I'd like sleeping with my gal in my arms (or the other way round) more than sleeping on my own. but i'd pity my gal, as i'm a bad sleeper, here it means that i toss around a lot, i drool a lot, & i might end up eating her up in the middle of the night... not to mention that my breath stinks big time when i wake up.

So for me, if my other half wants to sleep separately, i'd agree without protest (but i'll still sulk for some time & needs adjusting nonetheless). like what you said, i'd prefer some gal who'll have sex with me but won't wanna share a bed with me, than a gal that does it the other way round.

joseph said...

Actually nobody is interested whether you sleep alone, with a dog or even a dildo..

Yu-Kym said...

Joseph, I'm not the only woman who prefers to sleep alone. I know others who rather sleep alone. Hopefully men can understand that women may not want to share a bed simply because we want a good night's sleep, not because we do not want intimacy.