Putting problems into perspective

I recall there was an episode in the tv series, Ally McBeal, in which someone asked Ally why she speaks about her problems as though are bigger than anyone else's problems. Ally's response was "Because they're my problems."

Do you feel bogged down by problems and worries? Do we try to escape our problems by indulging in sex, drugs, alcohol or even by eating and watching tv? (This explains why many people seek sex as a means of "de-stressing"). Escapism only numbs our senses momentarily and could even make the problem worse because by refusing to face up to our problems we allow further deterioration and add more problems to our lives (e.g. addictions, weight gain).

Do our problems seem somewhat smaller after hearing of someone else's problems and sufferings or just by taking a physical/mental break? It's all about putting things into perspective. During my trip to Phuket, as I gazed into the horizon on the boat and dived in the waters, all my troubles seem to be minuscule compared to the vastness of the sea. My worries melted away and I am filled with a feeling of peace and calm. Everything - work, personal life, finances, worries - is put into perspective.

I highly recommend going to a place with nature such as the beach, sea, mountain, forest or park to bask in the wonder and beauty of nature as often as you can. And the next time someone pisses you off, don't tell the person to fuck off - escapism isn't going to help anyone - instead, tell him/her to take a vacation... or maybe you are the one who needs to relax and take a vacation!


Anonymous said...

nice. nature is awesome nothing man-made can compare. when u r in awe, it will overwhelm u!