The idiot box

This is a story about why I don't own a tv, a.k.a. idiot box.

During my trip to Phuket, I turned on the tv in my room whenever I returned. I don't have a TV at home so I welcomed the opportunity to watch the programmes. I tuned in to Fox news channel. The news and stories were presented in such an interesting manner that it kept me glued to the tv whenever I turned it on. Before I knew it an hour would have passed and I realised I've done nothing but gain some knowledge which I won't even need or use! E.g. do I need to know whether Anna Nicole Smith was murdered or whether Bernard Madoff is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. Sure, there are some interesting, educational and thought-provoking programmes and movies but most of them are not. I imagine if I had a tv at home, the temptation to keep it on all day (and perhaps into the wee hours of the morning) would be too great for me to resist.

Have you ever came home from a long day at work and all you could do was to "stone" in front of the tv? I have. I would have no energy to do other things like exercise, cook, read, etc. At the end of it a night of watching tv, I would have gained nothing but have simply watched time pass me by. One day I just decided to stop watching and start doing. So I turned off the tv and started running. It's amazing how running gives me more energy even though I might have come home dead tired.

This is why I don't own a tv: I don't want to get distracted from doing more healthy and meaningful things with my time.


Hayabusa said...

The one thing i almost always do coming home from school (i'm an undergraduate), is to just go change & sleep. that's what i do currently, though i doubt i'd be able to do that when i graduated & started working.

& about TVs, not just that, i think computers're kinda evil too in this sense. ask people around these days & you'll find it quite easy to get people who tells you that, once you sit in front of the monitor/panel, you'd pretty much ended up glued tight. though nonetheless it's still better than a TV.

Liang said...

i guess i have to start by throwing off my pc T_T

Yu-Kym said...

Hayabusa, I think Internet addiction is as bad as TV addiction. Sometimes what people watch on TV is more educational than the junk they read on the Internet :P

Liang, when you throwing away your PC? I won't be hearing from you anymore? :P