Holiday photos and videos

It's great that digital technology has made it affordable and easy for everyone to take photographs and videos! Don't we enjoy taking photos when we go on holidays and when we're celebrating special occasions with family and friends? I'm sure you do! My friends who return from their holidays just can't wait to share their photos with everyone. Honestly, I get really bored when people show me those photos but I figured the polite thing to do is to flip through the pictures and ask some meaningful questions. Do you experience the same boredom as I do? I know most people enjoy looking at their own pictures but when I look at my own holiday pictures I get even more bored than looking at someone else's pictures! However, I like taking videos, not of the surroundings but of people on the trip with me and what we do and think. After editing, it becomes like a movie - with dialogue, narration and people talking and moving. On this trip to Phuket, I am traveling alone and it's not much fun taking pictures or videos of nobody talking!

I did manage to get some pictures and videos taken. I'm taking a diving course during my stay. My diving instructor who brought along his camera took some underwater pictures and videos of me and played them back to me after the dive. My instructor said he could burn a CD with the footage and sell it to me for THB 1,500 / SGD 65 / USD 45). What a rip off! I have to give him some credit for being entreprenurial though. It was interesting to see how I looked and swam but after one minute of watching myself I got bored. Suppose I purchase the CD, what would I do with it? Edit and mix in some music into the videos and post it on youtube? I wonder whether anyone would want to watch it.

As long as I remember the experience, do I need to have it on video? I hardly even watch my old holiday videos but some of them do put a smile on my face when I watch them. I'm still considering at what price it would make sense to buy the CD. The footage was great - the water was clear and I looked comfortable and confident in the water. Maybe I'll end up being pound foolish this time round...