Holiday Flings

I was a single gal traveling alone to Phuket, Thailand. Although I missed having company and someone to share the "workload" with, I welcomed the opportunity to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. For starters, I don't like waking up too early while on vacation and I prefer eating street food rather than hotel food.

Knowing that I was going to be traveling alone, one friend suggested I pick up a Thai guy at the beach as they tend to be tanned and have good bodies, another friend reminded me to be safe and not to get Aids. LOL! What did they think I was going to Phuket for? To get a holiday fling?

Come to think of it, it sounded like a fun idea! It would be sweet to meet someone new and spend worry-free time together! So I kept my eyes open. The Thai guys at the beach were very friendly but I didn't have any interest in the guy whom I spoke with. There were many good looking Caucasian guys on the streets but most of them were with female companions. As for the divers and crew on the boat, because I was student I didn't think it would be a good idea to attempt a fling with anyone of them. In the end, I returned home to Singapore without having a holiday fling but not without getting a good bye kiss from someone I met on the trip. I won't tell you who - it's nobody you know anyway :P

Sorry the title of this post was slightly misleading. I know you may have expected to hear a story about my holiday fling. I'm taking a holiday again next week. Better luck next time? :)