Faking orgasms

Why do women fake orgasms? I can think of 2 reasons:
1. The sex is not working out and the woman just wants to use a polite way to finish it off.
2. The woman wants to boost the guy's ego by faking many orgasms. A guy would rather have sex with a woman whom he can satisfy rather than with someone he can't.

I personally have never faked an orgasm. If I'm not getting there, the guy should know so that he tries something else next time, if there's a next time... Anyway, I'd rather just be honest.

One guy told me before that his partner reaches orgasm very quickly and all he needed to do was to touch her and kiss her gently. I find it quite unbelievable for women to reach orgasms in a matter of seconds! Perhaps those kind of women are really lucky to be able to reach orgasms so easily and I should be envious of them. Or maybe they have no idea what an orgasm feels like. If you watched desperate housewives, Bree, did not discover what an orgasm was till she had sex with her second husband. Research shows that 10-15% of women have never experienced orgasms.

I suppose for women who fake it, it's a fun game to play. Guys would never know whether their partners are faking orgasms. Even if he suspects that his partner is faking it, what is he going to say? "Are you faking an orgasm?? Com'on tell the truth!!!" Ignorance is bliss. Go ahead and enjoy the ego boost!

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Anonymous said...

how does a orgasm like for a girl? do they really squirt?

Yu-Kym said...

You can read about female ejaculation or squirting here

Anonymous said...

I think faking an orgasm is a double edge sword, even if you do and boost the mans ego up. If he ever ends up finding out, always depends on the person themselves, might end up in a shock depressing state.