Discovery: heart of human spirit

I've just earned my open water diver certification today! I wish I brought along a better photograph. I had to use an instant photo which I took at a shop here.

What makes me feel great is not passing the tests and getting certified but discovering some interesting facts about scuba diving that I haven't seen anyone write about:
1. I can sneeze in the water
2. I can cough in the water
3. I can carry the huge tank plus five weights and walk with them
I know these may sound somewhat frivolous but they were things which I was curious about.

Discovery is the heart of the human spirit. We love discovering new things everyday such as scientific theories, cures, new ways of doing things, archaeological remains, etc. Even simple discoveries, like eating at new or meeting new people, can make us feel spirited.

How often do we make an effort to feed our need for discovery? I have friends or people telling me how bored they feel but all they do is sit in front of the computer at home, go to work and go through their normal (boring) routines in life. I'm not saying that we can't make any discoveries by surfing the internet or doing work but if people are feeling bored they should do something different instead of sit around and complain. Even the simplest things such as eating at a new place, taking a different route back from work or talking to someone whom you hardly speak to can lead you to some amazing discoveries.

So what are you waiting for? Go seek your next discovery!


Anonymous said...

i really envy u

TrainMan said...

glad u r now part of the scuba family!!

under PADI?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Anon, don't envy me, you can do it too!!

Hi Trainman, yes I got certified under PADI. I wanna go take the advanced course next!

TrainMan said...

Haha ok

maybe u can join me on my leisure dive trip next time.

Yu-Kym said...

Trainman, that would be nice if you're going someplace interesting :)

TrainMan said...

I'm heading to Redang with my diving mate..

beautiful island...n nice clear water..