The conspiracy against well-groomed men

If I tell a straight guy "you look gay" that's actually a compliment. Guys who are well-groomed and dress well are usually thought to be gay. When I see a well-groomed, good looking guy who dresses well, the first question that comes to my mind is "Is he gay?"

I have some straight guy friends who tell me that their friends criticise them for looking good by saying that they look gay and telling them to look like "normal" guys, i.e. look sloppy, wear ill-fitting clothes that do not suit their body type or old-fashioned clothes, not use fragrances, have bad hair, etc. I think the "normal" guys are subconsciously conspiring to discourage other guys from looking good. Reason? Well-groomed guys are undeniably more attractive to the opposite sex. "Normal" guys feel less adequate when compared to well-groomed guys. They need to level out the playing field. Instead of bucking up and grooming themselves, the "normal" guys - being too lazy to groom themselves - would rather talk the well-groomed guys into becoming sloppy like them. It is, after all, much easier to talk than to do something; much easier to tell someone else to change than to change oneself.

Some gals have told me that they prefer "normal" looking guys because the chances of other gals trying to steal him would be lower. I personally would appreciate if my partner takes the time and effort to groom himself and dress well. And if gals and gays hit on him, all the better! It just goes to show that he's attractive enough to be with someone else but he's choosing to be with me!

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TrainMan said...

so its the metro sexual vs uber sexual debate??

i would go rathe uber sexual then metro sexual..sorry that's how some of us feel more comfy about ourselve..our true self..

Anonymous said...

well but I feel that taking a little effort to groom yourself is not only a respect for yourself as it is also a respect for others. Cos they won't be seeing some "unsightly" people. :p

TrainMan said...

you sounded as if we walk around like homeless people? LOL

read up on the term Uber Sexual before saying anything stupid.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

If you have confidence in holding your partner, by all means I'm for a well-groomed mate.

But how many girls have Yu-Kym's confidence and quality?

So one can appreciate why some women prefer a sub-par man in grooming standards.

But overall i agree with Yu-Kym's stance on this topic.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Beware the constantly well-groomed man!

A man who recognises times when he has to be well-groomed and does so accordingly to fit the occasion; and at other appropriate times when he can go sloppy on himself without worrying about how he will look to others is what i would consider a true man.

A man who is constantly groomed every minute of the day, ever conscious never to be seen sloppy may turn out to be less of a man - he is likely to possess some effeminate genes somewhere within.

And you all know when a man has some womanly or unmanly thing in his natural make-up, how exciting can he be to a true woman? keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I believe everyone is sloppy in some way even if he/she doesn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Yes its the same like how can u never say you have finished cleaning the whole house or completed all your work. There's still always something more to do..

But putting aside this normal sloppiness...a man who takes extra care to remain spick and span throughout the day ...(I cant quote an actual example coz i have not lived with such a man 24/7) I think has some effemininate traits in him. lol But I know there are girls who can be 24/7 spick and span and I think i would be very buay tahan, uptight with such a girl if she extends her habit to me. lol

ok just some thoughts

curious cat