Categories of guys

I'm quite tired of meeting, chatting with or dating guys. There are many weird guys around. So many that I now have categories for the various types of weird guys:

No Action Talk Only. These are the guys who talk alot and do nothing. They say they will do this and do that but end up doing nothing at all. Empty promises. It could anything from something as simple as sending me a picture or meeting me on an arranged day. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt the first two times, but the third time it happens I shelve them into the NATO category.

2. Liars
I suppose everyone must have told some lies in their lifetime. I have. But this sort of guy projects to gals some sort of mystery or fantasy about himself that isn't true. I've encountered a guy who made himself out to be some kind of big shot in his company but he refused to tell me where he works. He claimed to be constantly traveling overseas for business but I called him and his ringtone sounds like he's not overseas. He claimed to be in London one moment and less than 8 hours later he was in Singapore. Want to lie? At least be convincing! The story was too far-fetched! An insult to my intelligence.

3. Control freaks
These guys want to know where I am, what I'm doing, who I'm with, etc. And even if I'm telling the truth, I get accused of something else. I once knew a guy who took down my guy friend's phone number off my pager and called up my friend. This kind of guys don't get second chances with me. Once is all it takes for me to drop them like a hot brick.

4. Nags
Guys nag too. I hate saying the same thing twice. And I hate hearing the same thing twice. My mum nags. If I want to hang out with a guy who nags, I might as well hang out with mummy.

5. Mr. Know-it-all
There's no age limit to this. Even guys who are younger than me can behave this way. It's fine to share knowledge and experiences but to assume that one is ahead of the curve just shows that one is arrogant and ignorant too.

6. Too busy, or too free and too lazy
Some guys take pride in being too busy. It makes them feel important. It could be a game that they play - absence makes the heart grow fonder? Other guys have alot of time on their hands but are too lazy to do anything. Too lazy to exercise, too lazy to go out, too lazy to work and probably too lazy to have sex.

7. Getting something for nothing
I never fail to be amazed at the requests I get. Some guys have asked me to send them my nude pictures. Why would I want to do that? I certainly don't get off by sending my nude picture! No, the picture of a nude guy is not of the same value as a picture of a nude gal so don't bother suggesting an exchange. Sometimes I attempt to understand why some guys think that I would oblige by asking them "what's in it for me?" but they would just give me some lame reason that sounds more like a benefit to themselves than to me.

Maybe it's just my luck or maybe the problem lies with me. I don't know why I've encountered so many weird guys. Actually I've started to refer to guys who are not my type as "normal" guys because if the majority are weird, shouldn't they be called "normal" and the non-weird guys called "abnormal"?


Anonymous said...

I am one of them =(

Just dun know why can't I date a gal out?
No guts...

Damm loser!!!

TrainMan said...

good for u to admit that...LOLZ

Anonymous said...

A loser is someone who knows he/she has a problem and don't do anything about it.

If you know there is something wrong, fix it!

Otherwise, don't bitch about it and take is as a plus point about yrself!

Shi Hao

Yu-Kym said...

No guts is different from NATO or too lazy. I agree with Shi Hao about turning it into a plus point. In fact, I prefer guys who are not too forward.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym, Heard u r sick. Please takecare.

I have a question and wonder if you can help. I have been jogging for sometime and sometimes happened to see this lady jogger.

Wonder how do I approach and get to know her. Have been reluctant cause I am afraid she might think I am a pervert!!! or very desparate =(

Thanks for any help.

Please takecare and recover fast.

Yu-Kym said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your concern :) I hope I'll be fully recovered to enjoy the coming long weekend!

I think you can smile and say "hi". It's normal for joggers to one another as they run pass. Even better if you're running in the same direction. If she returns your "hi", you can make small talk. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and Hope I meet her again ;)

U getting better? Do enjoy the long weekend.

KenZ said...

-Mr. Know-it-all
-Too Busy

I am a guy and i have friends like that. Irritates me all the time -.-

Is having too much ego the source of these problems?? hahah

Yu-Kym said...

Hi KenZ, I think ego is the source of many many problems!