Bigger and heavier people get subsidied

How do you feel when the person in the seat beside you on the plane or bus "overflows" into your seat? I suppose I'm territorial because I don't like it (may I just exaggerate and say that I can be quite traumatized by it). I may be of small build with some room to spare on either side of my plane or bus seat, but that doesn't mean the space is free for someone use to use. I pay the same price for the tickets so I should still be entitled to the space which I paid for regardless of whether I utilise it or not.

I personally have nothing against bigger and heavier people. People can be whatever size they want and I know in some cases they can't control it. However, do we realise that the smaller and lighter people are subsiding the bigger and heavier people? On planes and other types of transportation, the amount of fuel or energy required to move a heavier person is more than that used to move a lighter person but both pay the same fare (ignoring baggage). On trains, the people of larger build occupy more space than smaller built people but both pay the same fare. I understand that transportation companies must have done their Maths and decided that weight-based or size-based pricing structures may not be feasible or perhaps simply too insensitive.

I wish airlines would sell seats based on body size or give some incentives or allowances to lighter people (e.g. allow me to check in heavier baggage without paying the surcharge). I don't want to buy business class seats just because I don't want to sit beside a big-sized person. For all I know, the person beside me could still be large enough to overflow into my seat. In the event that a big-sized person is allocated a seat beside me, I would very much appreciate if the airline can offer a change of seat to me or upgrade the big-sized person to business/first class. It won't cost the airline much more but it would make a huge difference to my level of comfort and overall experience and those of the other person.


Calvin said...

Totally agreed with you ... haa...haa !!