What's the worst chat up line I've heard?

As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a bad chat up line. Some guys tell me that they don't ever do that because they have "no balls". I think it takes alot of guts to chat up a stranger. It's quite sad to hear how nasty some gals can be - laughing at a guy with her friends while the guy goes off to a corner to lick his wounds. Perhaps some guys don't care at all that they got rejected but some guys may feel bad and may be less inclined to chat up gals again in future.

Just for the experience, I tried chatting up a guy at the pool. I was wearing my blue bikini and in the pool so it made my job more difficult (or maybe easier cos I was in a bikini?). The pool was crowded that day so I had to share the lane. The guy beside me was kind of cute so I said to him "Thanks for sharing the lane." I don't know whether that was a lame chat up line but it sure was difficult to get the words out of my mouth!

I know guys think it is ok for gals to chat up guys (thanks Jason, Roger and Calvin for your comments), but unfortunately Singaporean guys are not very friendly. I see many guys while I'm running and at the pool. Most of them would just stare at me or at my boobs if I look at or smile at them when I run or walk pass them. The foreigners are more likely to smile first or return a smile.

I've yet to find the courage to chat up another guy since the incident at the pool (although the guy was nice and even waited for me to finish swimming for a follow up chat). It's totally nerve-wrecking to chat up a guy and I would rather guys make the first move. So, you guys, please keep chatting us, gals, up - and gals, please be kind to guys who chat you up!


John said...

Great job having the courage ;)

I agree, guys need to have the guts to make the first move! Its expected of us :)

Anonymous said...

you can't blame us for staring at your boobs, can ya! :)

TrainMan said...

tell me where u live!!

i go chat u up Kymmy!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. A lot of my guy friends (I'm a guy too) are just SO... (arrgghh!!!) I don't know what to make of them when it comes to talking to gals!

They, most of the time spread their selves too thin, and that just made things very uneasy for them to even initiate the talk! Man... I don't know. But for me...? I just be my self and talk.

I don't care what that gals would make of me. If we click, good! If not...? So be it. :-)


Yu-Kym said...

I think a good start is just a smile! Many Singaporean guys hiding gold in their mouths! All don't want to smile!

Anonymous said...

For me its different.Its not I dont want to smile at swimming pool,its just i wear specs so when im there i dont wear them.So I try to avoid eye contact cause im not sure whether someone is really looking at me or not.

Anonymous said...


It is a fact that in the Asian man's genes, he is inherently not a social animal. Whether nature or nurture, unfortunately he is such.

But give him an education in the west for some years studying and perhaps even working and living there, he is likely to be the life of the party just as a typical western man is! But how many of us are so lucky?

Just as there are these shy, awkward, non-smiling, blundering duds in the east, there are similar duds in the west too. But the numbers are more in the east! lol

But Asian men should not fret too much if we dont just sit and do nothing about our goofs! We have other enduring qualities and these can be gems to our asian women too.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

It's not genetic - it's cultural. The fear of failure and rejection here might be higher, I think.

There are people from the West who admire the Eastern culture and values :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, i meant cultural rather than genetics! Agreed. No disputes here. sigh keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

hey, what if a guy smile first and is not return with a smile?

Anonymous said...

Who says that the Asian women's cultural make up is that different from us Asian men?

If your skin is thick enough, smile again and again lah till u come to realise that its a hopeless case and you are behaving like a clueless fool.

Either she doesnt like you at all or she is as cold as ice! In which case I suggest u try someone else.

curious cat

Liam said...

First off. Guys in Singapore are not used to being chat up by gals unless u are super good looking. Hence they do not know how to react when u put them in such situations.

Second off. Guys... What's so scary about chating up girls? There's nothing scary about it. If u get rejected, So wat.. There's always another girl in the area who are willing to be chat up by u. Well of cos u must have a good approach. This stuff has an art to it. Keep practising and u will perfect the art.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, if a guy smiles first and the gal does not return the smile, it means she's not interested or already taken.

Liam, I think people are too afraid to take the risks. "Kiasi" (afraid to die) attitude.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yu-Kym, that's why my advice to those who are very keen on the girl is to have skin thick enough to smile again.

Sometimes, it may work!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Guys, you need a chat-up line to get to know a girl?

Sincerity plays a big part here. So, study your subject for awhile, move to a table near hers. If she notices you, your first attempt should be a smile at her or raised your glass.

Ask yourself this question, do you really want to know her? (She could be an ice-pick killer for all you know!).

If the green light is still on for you, at her second glance in your direction, walk over to her table with your drink and with a slight bow. ask gentlemanly,
"hi, I wonder if I may share a drink at your table?"

See? The bow is an acknowledgement of her personal space. "Your table" is respecting that she owns that space.

If she says ok, you say "Thanks. I'm ...... (your name)" and offer a handshake with a nice,nice smile. Ask for her name and when she gives it, offer to get her another drink even if she has one. Again if she's ok with it, ask whether she likes her present drink or would like a change, eg a different brand of beer if it looks like beer in her drink.

There, you have got a conversation started. What is so difficult about chat up lines?

Nerves, that's what! Believe me, it takes guts and confidence. The rejection rate can be reduced if you smell fresh, appear friendly, etc. The "I wonder if I may share ..." is a very polite invitation and usually gets a polite reason if her answer is no. Be a gentleman and thank her even if the answer is no. Leave with a parting line like, "I usually come here for a drink on Thursday nights / Saturdays, etc. See, you are reassuring her you are no stranger at this pub and also telling her the next possible meeting.

Try it. There is no need for thick skin if you are a gentleman.

Regards, Leo