Vouchers and prizes


One of my new year resolutions for 2009 is to stop procrastinating but I've not been 100% successful at it so far. I've not been very diligent with using the vouchers and collecting prizes.

I won a $250 Dior hamper from a magazine contest but I failed to collect it during the collection period.
I won a Tang/Isetan voucher from singtel once but accidentally recycled the letter along with junk mails.
I waited 3 years before I used my $100 Metro vouchers.
My free massage, facial, 1-month gym pass vouchers expired.
I was given some expired NTUC and KFC vouchers and I'm still holding on to them.

About my $250 Dior prize, I decided to try my luck anyway. Initially the agency told me that they couldn't locate the hamper and I'm already 2 weeks late to collect it but they would do their best to find it. After waiting for 15 mins, a guy energed with a 2-piece hamper and explained to me that they had already taken it off the filing shelf so that's why it took so long. He also said that by right he shouldn't give me the prize because it's pass the collection date and advised me to collect my prize on time "next time". I'm happy to receive my prize! And I hope I will win something again next time!

Today I also managed to use an expired $20 NTUC voucher which was given to me (it was already expired when I received it). Bought myself a tub of Hagen Daaz Rum N Raisin ice cream :) Actually, I didn't realise that the voucher was expired until I got to the cashier. The expiry date was 31 Mar 08 and I thought it was 09. The vouchers should have been accounted for somewhere in their system already so I guess it's not a big deal using expired ones. You can call me a cheapo but if someone offered you $20 without conditions, wouldn't you take it?

[13 Feb Update: I am quite cock-eyed these days. My NTUC voucher was not expired. The date 31 Mar 08 is the effective date and there's a note behind that says the voucher expires 1 year from the effective date.]


Calvin said...

haha...i encounter that too .. and i bring the voucher to customer service ask them why give me the voucher with only 1 day validility. :P