Someone is watching you

I was browsing the Nike+ website to see what it's all about. After clicking here and there for a while, I totally gave up. The website was too focused on tracking distance run and that just wasn't my goal. For example, one of my goals (or dream... haha) is to run 2.4km within 13 minutes but I could not even enter 2.4km as my goal let alone 13 minutes! I run a variety of distances and different terrains so running the longer distances and more difficult terrains will reduce my overall running speed on the website! Nobody has to see those numbers and probably nobody cares but I just hate seeing bad numbers. Besides, I also swim and climb stairs so even if I haven't been running it doesn't mean I've been lazing around.

One of my friends uses Nike+ religiously and the numbers motivate him to run regularly and cover the distance. He said his Nike+ mini avatar that's displayed on his Facebook page and blog was looking sad so he had to run (if he doesn't clock in the distance, it will automatically appear sad). I wonder: does it disturb him because it looks bad to him or is he concerned that his friends or readers might see it and think negatively of him? Do we check ourselves because people, and perhaps God, might be watching? If nobody is watching, what would we rather do?

I admit that I am conscious about what people think. The fact that certain people might be watching does make me do certain things (e.g. writing an article per day) and also does stop me from doing other things (e.g. not posting overly sexy pictures of myself). Imagine if time stopped for 24 hours and you could do whatever you want without anybody watching or knowing... what would you do?

Things I would do:

1. Rob the bank
2. Walk down the street naked
3. Drive a car at top speed

Things I wouldn't do:

1. Put on make-up
2. Pay for my shopping
3. Work

How about you? :)

Of course, I don't always care about what everybody thinks all the time - living this way would be like living in a prison – but I need to decide what to do or not do do based whether I will be able to live with the possible consequences.


Nike+ said...

Hello Yu-Kym,

happy to read your article about us.
Another thing that makes Nike+ motivating is the ability to challenge your friends or the rest of the world and find out who's winning!

Check this facebook page about the "Men vs. Women" challenge 2009, it launches in a few weeks and for sure it will get thousands of runners to have fun :)

Thanks again for your interest in Nike+ and your talent!

Betaphats said...

Well, there are speed challenges too Charlene, I have a different goal and I believe we all have different goals :) Nike plus is not what you think it is, its not just distance orientated :)

While I don;t want to be promoting something you don;t like, I kinda respect your honesty too.

You may have your own view of nike+ and I won;t say you are wrong yeah after all this is what you view and it meant to you as such. :)

To me, Nike+ does give me the drive to transcend beyond goals I;ve never dreamt about.Once again and Of course it may not be the same for you. Thus The only thing i can say is DO WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU . As long its empowering you, do it.


Betaphats said...


I'm not doing to prove something to the world or what would god think of me etc.. Quite frankly, its no longer about the results others see, but its something personal I guess. Its my dream. Its my goal. Its my measure. Its my belief. Lol and the good news is whatever i say is a lie. After all, its what stands truth in my own eyes only :)