Men's choice of underwear

My friend wrote in his blog his thoughts about men's underwear styles - briefs, boxers, thongs, low-rise. According to him, for better support and security it's better to wear briefs. For more freedom, boxers or going "commando", i.e. without anything, would be more suitable. I think the latter definitely allows for more freedom in many aspects. *wink*

It's interesting that a survey showed that guys who wear briefs have shorter penises than guys who wear looser styles or nothing. However, it is unclear whether the underwear style affects penis size, or the penis size affect a person's choice of underwear.

Average erect penis length vs. preferred underwear type:
  • Briefs-wearers: 6.00"
  • Boxers-wearers: 6.25"
  • Boxer-briefs-wearers: 6.29"
  • None: 6.33"
So which type of underwear do you wear? :)

Source: HumanforSale

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TrainMan said...

boxers and briefs

Anonymous said...

sexy butt...hee hee..

Anonymous said...

My blog was shifted again to

no more moving ard n visited

DAVE said...

what is urs

Yu-Kym said...

So far I've never had the chance to wear men's underwear :)

fong kong wai said...

haha i can lend you one clean one to wear...hehehe
anyway..i dun like to wear underwear unless i am wearing long pants...
many shorts nowadays have underwear that come with it...
no underwear...cooler

chosensg said...

Errr...I'm bi, but favour boxers more.

Yu-Kym said...

fong kong wai, men's running shorts might come with underwear - too many layers if you wear underwear inside. Women's running shorts don't. Sometimes don't even have pocket.

chosensg, bi's prefer boxers??

Anonymous said...

I find the wearing of boxers or other loose underwear an embarassment whenever I wake up with a morning erection!

But it cant be help coz it wouldnt be comfortable to sleep with any tighter wear. So is it wise then for men to wear briefs instead of boxers in public?

The fact that one can have an erection not only when one wakes up seems to indicate so.

Why then do many ppl still wear boxers in public? How they do these ppl hold the erection down when occasionally aroused?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, why should you be embarrassed? Do don't have your own room?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do which is ok if i am alone or have my playmate with me.... but i am talking about occasions when i stay over with a group of buddies (boys and girls), friends' homes or elsewhere. It can get embarrassing ya?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Maybe some people don't get embarrassed about it because they feel it's natural or they've got something big to share with the world.

Anonymous said...

hahaha very funny the last part. I sure aint that big to wow the world lol

So it would appear i'm none the wiser after seeking inputs fm "aunty" kim column for sex advice! so i'll just carry on with my tight briefs lol

curious cat