The men don't get it

I woke up early this morning so I decided to hit the gym. I have free entry into California Fitness gym from the UOB Lady's Card. When I got to the gym, I found out that what my fitness trainer friend told me about the free gym entry is true: They are terminating it w.e.f. end of this month :(

Ever wondered why ladies get free entry into California Fitness? It's kind of unfair that "the men don't get it" too, isn't it? Think about why pubs offer ladies free drinks on ladies' night. It's pretty much the same concept. You offer freebies to attract the ladies so that the men are attracted there to see the ladies. So it's not true that "the men don't get it"; they do get something: eye candy.

I don't think (straight) guys like working out in men-only gyms. Without the free-loading ladies the gym would be less crowded but isn't nice to have some eye candy to keep you motivated to carry on although you are really tired? How many times have you straightened your back or run faster when an attractive person walks by or gets on the machine beside you?

I guess UOB and California Fitness have done their maths and decided that terminating their partnership is the better way forward. I wonder whether they placed a value in their financial analysis on the fact that men appreciate the presence of the women while they're working out and, if they did, was the value underestimated? After the arrangement is terminated the women won't get it, the men won't get it, and maybe the gym won't get as many renewals either.


Rat said...

babes r a source of distraction in gym for the serious gym rats! however i must admit most ladies in the gym r totally out of shape i guess tats y they r there for a reason. but i would prefer a babe than a gay anytime!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rat (totally!). :-)