Kissing and dental woes

I'm sure you have heard the joke that gals should never date/marry guys of the following professions:
- Lawyer (too argumentative)
- Accountant (too calculating)
- Gynaecologist (examined too many women)
- Dentist (examined too many mouths)

I once went out with a dentist. I got to admit: those jokes made me conscious about my teeth. I do go for regular polishing and scaling but I thought maybe my teeth weren't clean enough .

Many people whom I know are afraid of going to the dentist and have not done it in years. Maybe I'm worse than a dentist - I look at guys' teeth. I think it's gross to kiss a guy who hasn't been to the dentist in ages. Just imagine all the years of bacteria accumulated in his mouth. Kissing him would be worse than being bitten by a rabid dog. If you are inviting someone home to your place, won't you clean it up first? If the home aint clean, I aint visiting!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Yu-Kym!

Everything starts from hygiene and appearance.

And I think its probably quite true the occupation of the person you marry has a substantial part in how he/she turns out in everyday marital life. Yu-Kym nailed it here.

If I'm a woman, i can imagine how my male gynae hubby will look and treat me during sex.

Marrying a lawyer would be equally trying affair if i am equally vocal and articulate.

Marrying an accountant would also lead us to financial richness or bankruptcy depending on our respective inclinations towards thrift or expenditure.

Marrying a mechanic or engineer..u can imagine.

A very funny topic.

curious cat

curious cat