Guy with small dog/car = small x?

In yesterday's topic I discussed that when choosing pets people tend to match their personality with the animal's behavior. What's your first impression when you see a man walking a small dog? Mine is that he's probably got a small cock. It's just the first thing that comes to my mind but I've not personally verified it.

How about guys who drive tiny cars? I'm not referring to guys who drive small cars because they can't afford bigger ones; I'm talking about guys who simply prefer to drive small cars (some of which cost more than "normal"-sized cars). One of my guy friends told me that he doesn't mind what gals think - he likes a small car and he's man enough for it.

As for me, I like larger dogs such as retrievers or huskies. For cars, I would like to drive a Smart car that allows me to squeeze it into small parking spaces. Smart cars are also better for the environment. The pictures below show a black Mercedes and a red Daimler Chrysler Smart car. Of course not all Smart cars look like these. There are also more conventional-looking ones. Unfortunately, they are not popular or practical in Singapore yet. I guess I'll just have to wait!

Mercedes Smart car

Daimler Chrysler Smart car



fong kong wai said...

i drive a small car...but i dun im small in term of many areas...:) hehe

Yu-Kym said...

Woo... :) You followed my definition of small, average and large that I wrote here in my previous post?