The era of fit-looking bodies

It seems actors Shaun Chen, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho will be seen topless in the latest drama series in Channel 8. Being fit and baring it on tv is essential to keep one's fan base. Just take a look at international actors and singers. Many of them are (or at least try to be) photographed with toned bodies. Most tv series debut with scenes of bare-bodied actors or bikini-clad actresses.

In the time of Marilyn Monroe, it was fashionable to have a little excess flesh. Later as Kate Moss rose to fame, it became fashionable to be skin-thin. We are now in the era of fitness - it's not enough to be slim but good muscle tone is also necessary to be considered good-looking by the general public.

Lucky for me my body type is slim and I'm naturally athletic. I never had to train to get an "A" grade in physical fitness tests. My 2.4km run timing now is considered an "A" grade for a 20 year old female although I'm way pass that age :) I used to be able to do almost 60 sit-ups in a minute but I don't do them anymore because they're bad for the back. But I won't mention too much about the past because I can almost *hear* most of Singaporean guys' thoughts now: "During my NS days, I was at my fittest and I had a lean body with 6-pack abs." [View pics of me getting ready for a run.]

If you don't like what you see in the mirror, you should do something about it. Sitting around reminiscing about the old days isn't going to help. However, don't compare your body to the ones you see on tv or in magazines. People tend to look bigger on tv and in print than in real life. (People have been disappointed when they met Arnold Schwarzenegger in person.) If you don't believe me, think about why models need to be very thin and why most gals say they look fat in photos!

But don't worry if you don't have the perfect body. All bodies are unique and hardly anyone is 100% satisfied with their body anyway. The most important thing is to love your body - it's the only one you've got - and carry it with confidence!


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Hey there, cant agree more with ya anyways i have shifted my blog to a custom domain but i am still having some tevhnical hic cupss etc :) love this post

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