Does size matter? - Part 2

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I know it took me quite a while to get back to part 2 of this topic and here it is!

Does size matter? Yes! Duh! Were you expecting to hear otherwise? Sorry to disappoint you if you were but I have to speak the truth.

Let's examine the various physical factors that matter:

1. Length
If you've watched Hollywood movies you must have seen love scenes where the couple switches positions in bed very easily (male on top switching to female on top and vice versa). One advantage of a longer penis is that it allows more room for position-switching maneuvers while remaining in sexual contact. The greater length also allows for harder thrusts (imagine if you want to slam your car against a wall you would back up further if you want to collide harder).

2. Width / thickness / girth
Most of the nerves are located in the lower part of the vagina not the deeper part. This is why women usually feel that width is more important than length, i.e. given the choice between a longer penis or a wider penis, women would rather choose a wider one (assuming normal conditions).

3. Curvature
Other than length and width, the other physical property is curvature. There are certain inconveniences with having a curved one like not being able to get into certain positions but I think it's more of a gift than a curse: the female g-spot is better stimulated by a curved penis.

Feeling inadequate? Here's the encouraging part for guys who feel that they fall *short*: not all women like it long and thick. The truth is women prefer guys with the right "fit". Like penises, not all vaginas are made equal - some can expand more, some can't; some are wetter, some are drier. Having the back of the vagina thrusted against with a long penis can be painful for some. For a woman with a "small" vagina, sex with a man who has a thick penis can be painful or sometimes impossible (if you fall into this category I'm sure you know what I mean, if you don't then you won't know)!

There are other factors that contribute to a woman's sexual satisfaction such as emotional attachment, matching fetish, environment, hygiene, ethnicity, body type, dressing, etc. The most often talked about is technique. A guy friend who is self-purportedly well-endowed told me, "I have a big penis so I don't need much skill in sex because however I do it, it's bound to hit the right spot." I always had the perception that the well-endowed guys tend to pay less attention to technique but I was surprised to hear it said out loud. From my limited interactions I'll have to say that although there is no direct co-relation of penis size to skills, "smaller" guys are more likely to have the perception that skills are more important than size.

So what size do I like? This is something that men are born with and can't (naturally) do anything about. Say, hypothetically, I were to say that I like it long, thick and curved - would that be unfair? I think it's as unfair as a guy saying that he's not interested in me because my boobs are too small. As long as I am able to accept this I should be able to dictate my criteria for penis size. Similarly, if guys want to choose gals based on boob size, they should accept that gals have equal right to choose guys based on penis size.

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piney said...

Hahaha.. .That was interesting..
However for curvature ther e are also alot lo... like left right up n downssss LOL

Yu-Kym said...

ya i know haha :p

TrainMan said...

wah jialat already..

even penis size also consider into soulmate criteria liao..

Yu-Kym said...

haha, i believe not only women but are too are looking for the right "fit". sexual compatibility should not be underestimated.

TrainMan said...

haha not all women believe in sex, let alone penis size.

to me i believe to built a successful relationship other then emotional love, physical love is very important also and as adventurous as possible.
but i've been into some relationship that the lady thinks emotional love is enough to sustain.

yes it was a sexless life for me that few

Yu-Kym said...

I agree that the physical aspect is very important! See point #3 in my new post :)

very honest! =)

Anonymous said...

Size is a criteria, my gf prefer me to last 30 minutes for her to have mutiples.. what's your preference?

Yu-Kym said...

About lasting, as long as the guy is not a one-minute-man (1MM), I'm ok with it!

Anonymous said...

man can always go for a dick job, as woman always goes for a BOOB job?

Yu-Kym said...

For boob job, the boobs will definitely be harder and you can make it very very big.
For dick job, there's a risk of the dick becoming softer and can't make it that big.

Anonymous said...

did you eat the banana after the picture, will be a waste if not eaten

Yu-Kym said...

I ate both :D

WK said...

though size does matter, but don't forget there are many other things that can help energize the cum... fingers(including thumb),tongue, vibrator and most important ... your desire and imagination..............
Sex is not dirty, everyone needs that.
One needs to have an open mind like you and me to make life more meaningful, peaceful and joyful....

Anonymous said...

wanna try mine, i have 1 too, cums with rambutans....

I like it long & thick,the longer the better,the thicker the merrier.

Anonymous said...

mine is abt 6" when erected (not very proud of it) but the diameter is collosial! 2.5-3" depends on the weather and my stamina. Huhahahaha

p/s: i like girl with small boobs. no offence, big one look and feel falsy. kehkehekh

Anonymous said...

If sizematters how can people explain lesbians having satisfying sex lives. People oversimplify sex being matching genital sizes when in fact its the overall experience. Size is more a mental hang up than physical need because they know huge ones exist they want them if every Guy had the same size satisfaction wouldn't even be an issue. Even if you could fit ten inches it doesn't mean you need that to be satisfied.

Also as the issue of relating butt/breast to penis size preference is conceptually flawed for many reasons. One you can't change the size of the penis yet, a woman change anything she wants lips nose breast or butt size my point is if a women were trully turned because of breast she could change it a man change his size so comparing the two is unfair because there not on the same playing scale. Also I know how guys think and we don't turn down specifically becase of breast size in a vacuum if a decent woman is offering sex but has small breast do you think the Guy is going to be like wow she's hot but has small breast no thanks. No hesgonnget that pussy and be happy LOL. Sasha grey is one of the biggest porn stars of our generation and she is flat as a pancake but we like her spunky personality. On the other hand no matter the genre of porn old interracial Goth women therecurring theme is a Guy with a big dick unless its exploitative in a humiliation or cuckold scenario. Also forums YouTube videos eavesdropping conversations you always here the same recycled stories about a UT being perfect in every way blah blah but I can't be with him because I found out his penis is small. My point is women are way more shallow and judgemental when it domestic things like this. Men maybe initially turned on by a voluptuous women but its never a determing factor a flat ass/chest witpersonality and decent looking will do just fine sometimes better because in alit of cases women who know or think they have it all are stuck up and or boring Ans rely on there features too much.

I waswonndering youripinion Yu Kumar on the stuff I brought up:)

Anonymous said...

@Aug 6, 2012 0355
You oversimplify things yourself. Perhaps you have not met enough women yet, seeing how you cite porn videos and YouTube as sources. But all the points in your second paragraph can be fitted to a woman too. These characteristics are not in any way unique to men. You are merely describing human behavior.

Very convenient of you to bring up lesbians. People you likely do not understand. I don't claim to understand them, but let's just say not every woman needs a penis to get off, just like not every man needs a vagina. For those that enjoy frolicking with friendly male appendages, some do not care about size while others do. Everyone is different. Obviously.

You could try fitting in ten inches into yourself, if you enjoy it, you might consider being the receiver. That's life. You never know.