Cat or Dog Person

Are you a cat person or a dog person? When I tell friends that I have a cat, they assume I'm a cat person. Actually, what is this thing called "cat person"? A study found that when choosing pets people tend to match their personality with the animal's behavior. Most cat owners think of themselves as being independent and wanting to be the center of attention - like cats - while most dog owners perceive themselves to be friendly and sociable - like dogs. Do you think this is true?

For now, I prefer to keep a cat to a dog for practical reasons. I can go on a short holiday and leave my cat at home with a few bowls of fresh water and an open bag of cat food. I bet you can't do that to a dog! Does this make me a cat person? If I had the time and space, I'd like to keep cats, dogs and birds! So maybe I'm just an animal lover!

I like all animals and pets, especially when they're babies :) When I was young, I used to keep rabbits, cats, birds, terrapins, a turtle, a frog and fish. My house was like a zoo! It was fun! My friends who called me on the phone commented that it sounds like I'm at the bird park because of the birds chirping in the background. Here is a picture of my cat kissing me. Click on the picture to enlarge.


TrainMan said...

don't know if its true..but i prefer cats..

and only certain breed of dogs..