Botanic Gardens on a Sunday

I went to the Botanic Gardens today hoping to find some serenity and inspiration for writing. Unfortunately, the park was too crowded. I sat on a bench by the pond. There were 2 swans busy cleaning their feathers. I was soon joined by a Caucasian lady with her 2 children, her domestic helper with her group of friends. The lady brought a bag of bread and the entire group started feeding the fish in the pond. I don't think visitors are supposed to feed the fish. I am upset that people do not know how to respect nature. Perhaps people are not aware of the harm they may be doing to the fish and the other living organisms by throwing bread and other foodstuff in the pond. I find it strange that there were no signs stating that we're not allowed to feed fish.

It got a little too noisy by the pond so I decided to find someplace else. I found a place to sit among the trees. Still, I couldn't be alone for even a minute but at least nobody stopped to sit or stand beside me for too long. I wished that I wouldn't have to see or hear any human being for just 2 minutes but that wish didn't come true. In the end, I gave up and packed to leave. Just as I was leaving, I heard someone calling out to me. A guy asked me whether I had dropped my mp3 player and handed it to me. Indeed, it was mine. I don't know how it dropped out of my bag but at the moment I felt very grateful that there was another human being around (and an honest one too) who helped me recover my mp3 player.