Booked my ticket to Phuket

Singaporeans' favourite pastimes: Eating, shopping, movies and travel. Where do I stand?

Eating: Everyone has to eat so I do that often enough but I won't queue half or one hour for food.
Shopping: I'm not a shopaholic. I shop about once a month only.
Movies: Went to the cinema twice last year.
Travel: Passport stamped only once last year.

At the end of last year, before I stepped out of Singapore heading to Malaysia I realised that I didn't stamp my passport at all in 2008! "How could that be?" I asked myself. Time had flown by so quickly that I didn't have time (or mood) for a vacation all year till the last 2 weeks of December.

This year I think my mood's going to be different. I'm already feeling like I need a beach vacation! I have many days of annual leave to clear by end of March so I'm planning to make full use of the time to relax and unwind. Initially I wanted to go to Krabi but the flights there are expensive so I decided to go to Phuket instead. Phuket's also better for shopping compared to Krabi :)

I have 2 flight options: Air Asia or Tiger Airways. Air Asia's a better flight to take from Singapore-Phuket because I'll land at about 2pm instead of 7pm with Tiger Airways but Tiger Airways' return flight is better because it's an evening flight instead of a 10am morning flight on Air Asia. I bought a promotional one-way ticket Phuket-Singapore for 2007.5 Thai Baht ($84) including booking fee from Tiger Airways . The promotion ends today so grab your tickets fast if you're planning on going. I've not bought the Singapore-Phuket ticket yet because I've not decided whether to fly there on Sunday or Monday.

As for accommodation, I've not booked anything yet. Maybe I'll just get to town and check out some guesthouses on the spot (which is why I may want to arrive in Phuket on Monday instead of Sunday). I'm curious to see how cheaply I can live there. I feel slightly guilty about taking a vacation while we're in a recession. I should be spending my money in Singapore not overseas right... so to minimise the outflow of funds I should try to spend less while overseas. Does anyone have suggestions on good and cheap (less than SG$55) rooms? I just need a small room with a bed and attached bathroom. I'm going to be out on the beach most of the time anyway :)

I'm guaranteed to return with a tan! I'm going to start preparing for my trip by applying copious amounts of moisturizer daily! Hopefully that helps strengthen my skin against burning and drying out in the sun.