Blood type and personality

Do you believe that blood type affects personality? Although according to AsiaOne's report, the Japanese are very "into" blood type, other reports state that this idea has been dying out slowly in Japan just as the West has noticed the potential of blood typing such as for fad diets.

Here are the characteristics of each blood type.

Type A: Responsible, conscientious, sensitive, creative, calm, shy.

Type B: Practical, focused, individualistic, un-cooperative, unconventional, cold, impulsive.

Type O: Energetic, sociable, flexible, self-confident, frank, undependable, attention-seeking. Considered the "best" type.

Type AB: Having conflicting characteristics from types A and B at the same time. Easily switching from one opposite to another. Trustworthy and responsible but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. Don't mind helping out as long as it's on their terms. Considered the "worst" type (Anime villains are likely to be type AB).

Is it true for you?

My blood type is AB. I think the above characteristic are quite true for me so be careful not to offend me because may turn out to be a villain!


Betaphats said...

hey there, I am a strong believer of a blood type diet and all, well i have been doing lots and lots of research as such, i found your article interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am an AB, too. And this is my first time to know someone who is in the same blood type as I am. Honestly? I'm not really a believer of these blood type thingy. I don't know... I guess it varies from person to person. I know for sure (several people I know) who are 'O's but yet have different personalities?

Anyways... the only reason I'm responding to this is because I'm kinda happy to know that there is someone out there who is also an AB - like me! I'm not alone after all!!! :-D hehehe.

We've met in one of the chat room about a week ago(?) and you left me your URL. Well... just incase you were wondering. :-)

Yu-Kym said...

Hi! I don't know many people with AB blood type either! I suppose it's because it really is rare!

I'm not convinced that that blood type affects the personality though I don't think it's impossible (maybe it has an effect on hormones and chemicals in the blood that affects behaviour). There are so many other factors that can affect personality.