Women, Sex and Condoms

As a follow on from my previous post, here are a few reasons why women would prefer having sex with the use of condoms:

1. The most obvious point is: Condoms offer protection against diseases and pregnancy. What's lesser known is that women are biologically more likely to contract STDs from unprotected sex than men because of the relatively larger susceptible contact area and concentration of the bacteria/virus in semen compared to vaginal "juices".

2. It is not pleasant having the semen leak out after sex. Semen is not absorbed into the body unlike water.

3. The use of condoms can help lengthen the love-making duration by delaying the man's orgasm (because of the desensitizing effect) and result in the woman feeling more satisfied.

What kinds of condoms do women love? It's all up to individual preference. Women may choose condoms according to the packaging, flavour, thickness, novelty value (such as glow-in-the-dark) or type (e.g. French ticklers, ribbed).

By the way, the thinnest condoms available are not latex but polyurethane ones. You may have seen an advertisement showing a condom unrolled over a banana - that's the one! Polyurethane is stronger than latex and therefore can be made much thinner. Also, polyurethane transmits more body heat than latex. Try it and let me know if they're better than latex condoms :)

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TrainMan said...

never met any girls yet who will choose the condom im gonna use..
most of time they will tell me "don't use better" lolz

currently using Okamoto..i still use..lolz

Anonymous said...

ok...here is my take on condoms...USE THEM. It is just so obvious an answer. Unless of course your trying to have a child or get a disease...educated men use condoms.

Yu-Kym said...

TrainMan, from your experience how different is Okamoto compared to the latex ones?

Anon, I agree!

Anonymous said...

i m using Durex fetherline ultima, thinest latex condoms...my gf like it very much..enjoy and safe...

Anonymous said...

I normally will get my man in without condom in the early play and use condom thereafter. Honestly, i would feel better to play without condom especially the man's ejaculation. So i would prefer my man not to use condom during my safe period.

Yu-Kym said...

I think it's rather troublesome to have to interrupt and put on a condom. And also, once the condom is on, I don't want to give a BJ while the guy's wearing the condom... it's like eating sotong? Btw, I don't like sotong :P But considering these, I still rather go for sex with condoms.

Anthony said...

Condoms are indeed troublesome because of the hassle of putting on and causes insensitivity to the penis. Can make me go on and on for a very very long time. But having said that, using a condom is a necessity for prevention of diseases unless you know your partner really well.

And I agree with Anon, ejaculating inside a lady during her safe period and see your semen oozing out from her orgasmic and pulsating vagina is simply erotic. :P

Yu-Kym said...

A partner whom you "know very well"... hmmm... I have friends who've had ONS or flings with others even though they're in "serious" relationships or they sleep with friends who are in "serious" relationships... all w/o using condoms. They say it's safe cos their partners "look clean" or only sleep with 1 other person i.e. bf/gf or husband/wife. Ya rite...

Anthony said...

Very true Kym..very true

Sexually Active said...

I prefer sex w/o condom at first, give him a BJ later and eroticaly put on a condom before going wild with orgasm & ejeculation.

Honestly, I like it w/o condom because I can feel the heat of his dick.

But his dick will be harder and thicker with a condom wrapping it tight.

My solution for the 'sotong' taste is to get a flavoured glow in the dark condom.

From my own point of view,I think I like to have sex with men without using condoms(I am on the pill).Having it bareback with a man makes me feel his penis heat as well as his penis contraction inside my pussy and of course when I am climaxing I love to feel his warm sperm hitting so deep inside my pussy which brings me multiple orgasms and a great relaxation afterwards.The secret is in the sperm itself which every woman's vagina needs to complete love making.

Yu-Kym said...

Sexually Active, it's not a "sotong" taste but the texture. Flavoured condoms would have that rubbery texture too.

bootyliciousmona, I doubt you can feel anything deep in your vagina. There are hardly any nerves there.

Anonymous said...

I am in a monogamous relationship and my husband and I have never used condoms. After being married for over thirty years, I have learned to swallow my husband's semen. This approach, after many years of practice is most enjoyable for us. His semen was definitely an acquired taste.

However, swallowing has increased the intimacy of our marriage and I feel nourished when I see the pleasure in his eyes and hear his soft, tender moans of enjoyment. Furthermore, there is no cleanup! I keep the glans of his penis towards the back of my throat when he ejaculates. Thus, his semen simply goes down my throat while I enjoy his manly attributes.

After his refractory period, we generally resume lovemaking as I am easily and multiply orgasmic. My husband is better able to maintain his erection during our continued lovemaking as he has less of an urge to ejaculate. There are many benefits to swallowing semen!

I recognize however, the necessity for using condoms.

Anonymous said...


I'm astonished! You say u have been swallowing your hubby's semen for thirty years. That's overwhelming!

Now can u pls tell ...what does all those semen do to your nutrition, weight, your face, skin, immunity to illness, your brain power, wisdom hahahah lol etc..anything that u can think of that u feel u benefitted from (or not) from swallowing so many gallons of semen through the years.

I know yours is not a scientific nor substantiated conclusion but hey...swallowing for 30 yrs must have some evidential effect? hehe

I suppose too that swallowing so much of him also made sure that he doesnt get distracted to other women and if he does, he fires blanks coz he is so pumped out of semen! keke Just kidding.

Anyway, congratulations for that amazing 30yrs. I wish u both decades more.

curious cat

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