Thanks and keep your msgs coming!

After yesterday's post about ambidexterity, a friend told me that he is left-handed (I never knew because I've not seen him write or eat), and another told me that his ambidexterity is similar to mine. I'm pleasantly surprised that my friends do bother to read my blog.

It's interesting that I can actually get to know my friends better by blogging! My friends would usually send messages to me on msn to discuss the posts which interest them. It's great knowing the topics of interest we have in common and to get to know them better. It beats the normal small talk about how your day went or what you ate. Even if I were a porn star or a food reviewer I'm sure the events of the day or food of the day eventually get routine and boring.

To all of you out there, thanks for reading my blog! Do continue to post comments at my blog - I do read them - and keep your msn messages coming! Also, send me your suggestions about topics you would like to hear about. So far I've had many requests for pictures of me in my pink bikini but I guess I can only post them if I have a good photographer and if there's an occasion e.g. to celebrate 1 million viewers? If you like my blog, please help to recommend it to your friends and I might consider posting those celebratory photos soon! *hint*


jr said...

What an attention seeker u r!

TrainMan said...

hmm...celebratory photos??

Taka said...

WOW! hahaha