My new year resolutions

1. Stop procrastinating! Sometimes it just takes me very long to click on the "Publish Post" button. According to Parkinson's law, work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. So I can probably do more if I stop procrastinating!

2. Get healthier and fitter!
Consume more omega-3 oils, vitamins and health supplements. My supplies have ran out and I've still not replenished them... talk about procrastinating.

3. Look better!
I've been lazy with moisturizers and stuff. Have not been shopping much for new clothes (though I'm not saying that I will look better if I buy more clothes).

This is me in 2002 >>
I hope I can look better and better each year!

4. Get financial more savvy! I haven't been reading enough financial stuff in the past year cos of my hectic work schedule. Planning on reading more this year, particularly on property. Happy to accept all the help I can get here!