Looking around for room or apt

Market is on the downturn. I don't think rent has gone down yet but no harm looking. If you know of a good place, please post info and contact here. Thanks!

- Spacious unfurnished common/master room or 1+1 apartment (I have a queen-size bed, 4-door waredrobe, dressing table, side table, small computer table, standing mirror, 1 seater recliner, desktop computer, fan and optional fridge to bring along).
- Place must be quiet, no noisy neighbours.
- Prefer quiet housemate.
- Prefer swimming pool within the complex or public pool nearby.
- Air-con not required.
- Prefer no direct sunlight throughout the day.
- It's ok if the place is not near the mrt station but max 30min away from town door-to-door.
- Budget $500-$700. Can split utility bills accordingly but don't make me pay for tv and cable tv charges - I don't watch tv.
Btw, I'm Singaporean. No kids. Haha


TrainMan said...

whats wrong with the current one?

Yu-Kym said...

Nothing wrong with my current place. Just looking around to see whether there's anything better out there!