Look hot in spaghetti-strapped tops


This is obvious: some gals look hot in spaghetti-strapped tops and others don't. Here's a guide on how to make sure you look hot!

Step 1: Select your bra. You may choose either a stapless bra or a bra with pretty straps. There is nothing wrong with showing off your bra straps as long as they're not granny straps. If you really really have to wear transparent plastic straps, please make sure they have not turned yellowish.

Step 2: Put on your bra and your top.

Step 3: Check for zits and blemishes on your skin, especially on your back. You need to have reasonably good skin if you want to show skin. I have seen some gals showing off pimples with pus on their backs and that's really not sexy - even my mum says it's gross.

Step 4: Check your side view. Your bra should fit snugly and look "smooth" in line with you body. Make sure your bra does not make your breasts look like they're sagging. If they do, change your bra! Or opt for bras with straps instead. If you don't look good from the side view, I suggest you run out and by a new bra (and bring along your top so that you can see how you look in it). Do push ups regularly to keep the upper chest area toned.

Step 5: Positioning. Check that your top sits properly at the right spot. Adjust the straps (if they are adjustable). The position where it sits makes all the difference. If it's meant to be a low-cut top but you wear it too high, it will not look nice and vice versa.

Step 6: Cleavage check. If you don't have enough to show, try push up bras. If all fails, do not wear low-cut tops. Instead, try tops that have some frills or lace above the bustline to give an illusion or fuller breasts.

Step 7: The most important step - Confidence. Keep your back straight and carry yourself with confidence. If you don't think you're hot, nobody else is going to think you are!


Anonymous said...

wow, nice pictures... i totally agree with you... one must feel and look sexy... with or without the size or cleavage... :)

it's how u present yourself...