Feed Yu-Kym Campaign

I am proudly launching the Feed Yu-Kym Campaign! Unlike most campaigns where you have to donate money, this one doesn't!

You see the advertisements appearing on my blog? Please click them whenever you visit! Each click earns me about 40 cents. If you click 2 links, it's almost enough to buy me a drink. If you want to buy me a $3-lunch, all you need to do is click 8 links.

This may seem like small money to you but for me it could really make a difference. E.g. If I have 50 viewers who click 1 ad link each, that means I earn $20 per day or $600 per month. If I manage to double the number of viewers per day to 100 and each viewer is kind enough to click 2 ad links per day, I can earn $80 per day or $2400 per month!

I thought about the time I've spent blogging in the past month and I'm dissatisfied with not getting any returns. I enjoy blogging because it's an outlet for my written and artistic expression but it does take quite a bit of effort to come up with ideas, complete my research and snap relevant pictures.

So if you like my blog and want to keep me blogging, please support the Feed Yu-Kym Campaign by clicking the ad links and telling your friends about my blog!

[Update 19 Feb 2009: Adsense disable my account. I am starving now :( ]


Anonymous said...

I would say that pic is pretty hot... :)

Betaphats said...

Really? Hey i dont mind having that on my blog now! :)

TrainMan said...

ok lets feed her..

Seth said...

try nuffnang its base on impressions should suit u better =)