Economic Downturn and Violence

I'm sure you have all read about the MP who got doused with thinner and set on fire after giving out ang pows to residents. I feel really sad for him. Yeah, I know he's paid lots of money to do his job and give out ang pows and probably won't have to pay a single cent for his medical or cosmetic treatment but that's not my point for discussion here. There are plenty of studies out there that link economic downturn to rise in violence - you can do a web search. When everybody has money, everybody is happy. When people are short of their basic needs, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm less inclined to book a holiday overseas now. Maybe I'm over-reacting. Just be careful out there...

That said, here are the 3 places I would like to visit before I die:
- Angkor Wat, Cambodia
- Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
- Taman Negara, Malaysia


TrainMan said...

why not list out your bucket list?

Anonymous said...

When the going is good, everything is tolerated, when the going is bad. Knives are drawn, its not just violence, divorce rates goes up, stress levels etc etc. If you have a stable job relative to most others, why should you be less inclined to book for a holiday, only when you consume that the wheels of economy will turn. If every working person stops consuming, going for holidays etc etc. it would make the economy worse, maybe turn from recession to depression.

You seem to have a liking to travel to places that are lesser travelled by singapore city dwellers on your to travel list. You don't mind getting your "hands" dirty cos these destinations are off the beaten track and living in simple guesthouse or maybe even under tents. Your biggest expense would likely be just airfare, give yourself a 10-15 year horizon, you would accomplish all your to travel list.

Anonymous said...


The widely travelled holidaymaker will know that the best places to go are those where tourism and commercialism have not yet overwhelmed them.

In all places that are overtaken by modernism, their uniqueness, innocence, sterility, genuinity etc very quickly disappear and they end up more or less the same with each other.

So if u do have the chance to travel to off-beaten tracks, do it now before the inevitable onslaught of "civilisation".

curious cat