Believe Chinese zodiac charts?

I read a chart which states the auspicious colour to wear on each day of the lunar new year celebration and another chart on which day to start working. Do you believe these charts and did they work for you last year?

I've never tried them before. Usually I just wear red and start work on the 3rd day. This year, I decided to give it a try: I am wearing the appropriate colours from inner wear to outer wear and even sleep wear and will be starting work on the 4th day! I'll let you know whether they worked for me at the end of this Chinese zodiac year!


chosensg said...

To me the Chinese Zodiac is extremely accurate when comparing compatibility according to Zodiac year. Eg Dragon incompatible with Dog, Rabbit incompatible with Hen etc.

Violating these rules will be the most regretful decision you ever made!