Credit Card Application


I was walking around Raffles Place yesterday during lunch and a guy approached me asking me to sign up for a new credit card. Apparently Stanchart is launching a new credit card and offering 10% off all purchases for the first 2 months and Appco Pte Ltd is their only authorised marketing agent. The agent asked me to enter my singpass and password on his laptop so that I can print out my last 6 months' CPF contributions. I immediately declined. For all I know there could be a keylogger installed on the laptop. As an alternative, the agent suggested that I print it out in the office and pass it to him later. I asked him for an envelope and said I will submit it myself. He gave me an stamped envelope but I noticed the address was directly to the the agency. He said that if it's not sent to the agency he will not get any commission. Anyway I kept the application form and envelope. I did a search on the internet but didn't find anything about the promotion on Stanchart's website. The promotion leaflet said that the 10% off all purchases is limited to a maximum of $100 in rebates. After consideration, I decided not to apply for the card. Who knows what the agency will do with my income infomation, copy of my NRIC and all my personal information. I believe all that information is worth thousands of dollars on the black market. I'd feel safer submitting the information directly to the bank. I'm not willing to risk that for a mere $100 in rebates I supposedly can get! After all, I'm sure if it's the real thing it will be on Stanchart's website eventually.


TrainMan said...

you gotta be careful..identity theft is common nowadays..