Bolt in 3D

When I heard about Bolt being screened in 3D, I knew I had to watch it! I watched a cartoon in 3D overseas several years ago and after the movie, I thought to myself: All cartoons should be 3D!

The cartoon was great - cute and hilarious! Only bad thing was that the 3D glasses kept sliding down my nose. They should make glasses that are better fitted for asians. You can't watch the movie without the glasses because all you'll see is a screen of blur images. My friend noted that the 3D glasses were affixed with anti-theft devices. "What are people going to do with these glasses if they steal them?", he asked. "To use them as sunglasses maybe?" I guessed. "Or for the same reasons why Singaporeans enjoy stealing forks and spoons from the plane." "I have a few of those and I still use them", he proudly declared. I'm sure you have a few souvenirs yourself, don't you? Don't act blur!

Does the cat in the cartoon look like my pet cat?