Annual Spring Cleaning

Many of my friends have been busy with the annual pre-lunar new year spring cleaning. I believe there is more to it than just the physical aspect of getting rid of dust and old things. Have you ever torn up pictures of your ex or discarded things that reminded you of him/her? For me, it can be very difficult and painful to do that but it sure did help in getting over those relationships.

I try to do both my physical and emotional spring-cleaning from time to time. Here are the spring cleaning questions which I ask myself:
1. Physical spring cleaning - Are you still holding on to old things which you haven't used in the past 2 years but you think you might have some use for them in the future? (Remove clutter so that I can focus on the right things.)
2. Emotional spring cleaning - How about bad memories, ill-will and unforgiveness: are you still holding on to them? (I don't forgive so that someone else might feel better. Sometimes it makes no difference to that person at all. But forgiving helps me to move on and to find peace.)

I need let go of the physical and emotional things that prevent me from moving on to new things. After all, each day is an opportunity to experience new things and make new memories. Have you completed your spring cleaning? If you have, maybe you can help me with mine?


Anonymous said...

i would not mind helping u clean up... :)