Ambidexterity: gift or brain-damage?

I'm working late again tonight. Yes, that's a pen you see in my left hand. But I'm not left-handed; I'm ambidextrous.

Ambidexterity means being able to use both hands equally well. Ambidextrous people may prefer to use a specific hand for performing certain types of tasks. Ambidexterity is rare and I have not been able to find out the percentage of people who are ambidextrous - please post it here if you have the answer. There are people out there who believe there are many advantages of being ambidextrous and some even train to be ambidextrous ( However, in an article ( someone argued that ambidexterity is caused by brain damage.

So... am I gifted or brain-damaged?

For a long time I thought I was left-handed because I never knew the word "ambidextrous" existed. I just thought I am a left-handed person with a strange ability to use my right hand in the same way as right-handed people for activities such as racket games. I was never forced to use either hand for any task. I am thankful to be ambidextrous because equipment made for left-handed people, such as golf clubs, guitars and caligraphy pens, tend to cost alot more - that's if they are even available. Other advantages of being ambidextrous include allowing the other hand to take over when one hand gets tired (e.g. cutting meat) and multi-tasking (e.g. I hold my pen in my left hand and use the fingers on my right hand for my calculator).

I don't think I suffer from brain damage.
Left brain check (logical): Good at maths, maths speed quiz 2nd prize winner, possess bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.
Right brain check (creative/artistic/sports): Fabric design 1st prize winner, Long jump champion, played drums, flute and guitar.
Think I'm ok? Considering the possibility that I could have suffered brain damage, does that mean I could have been smarter?

Another study says that ambidextrous people more likely to be bisexual ( Am I bi-sexual? That's for me to know and for you to guess :)


TrainMan said...

Can i find out instead??? lolz

i wish right... :-(

Taka said...

i am also left handed but only for writing and holding knife other then that i use my right hand. :P

Anonymous said...

My five year is also ambidextrous and he's also very good in class.

Yu-Kym said...

Great that your child has a parent who understands ambidexterity! But don't get too excited about being "good in class" :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hey I'm also ambidextrous and I'm studying electrical engineering as well as I'm playing table tennis(racket game) with both hands to national level!!
what a coincidence!!!

Yu-Kym said...

Yeah! What are the chances!

Anonymous said...

hi am a gifted ambidextrous from commonwealth of dominica

Yu-Kym said...

Hi! It's nice to know a fellow-ambidextrous who is gifted :)

Anonymous said...

Can you write equally well with both hands Yu-Kym?

Ambidextrous, bilingual or multi-lingual ppl are the more intelligent ppl I always say.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

For me, one hand is always better than the other for specific uses.

Being bi- or multi-lingual is only one narrow aspect of intelligence.

Anonymous said...


Well i certainly believe these talents certainly points one a certain direction about an individual's "intelligence"..and it cannot be negative.. hahaha

If i may ask...

How did you end up in electrical engineering? It is not a popular line of study for girls, is it not?

And why did you not pursue a career in line with your qualification?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Someone who's a linguist may be rather silly when it comes to other things!

I'm good at Math and Science, and I wanted to go into research and development for eco-friendly and natural energy. The government was also promoting Engineering. However, I learnt that to make good money, I can't be in R&D, and the R&D scene here was(is?) a very sad.

Anonymous said...

You're rather hot, wo ye shi yi ge zhong guo ren,

add me, your cameltoe is pretty too :D