5 Great Places to Chat Up Gals


Where's a great place to meet people? Some say pubs. (I suppose if you're looking for a ONS the pubs are great.) Here are some of my suggestions. I've been chatted up at some of these places. I do applaud the guys for having the guts to chat me up and their creativity! I shall not tell you what the chat-up lines were. Use your creativity!

1. Supermarket
Why: You can tell alot about a person from their supermarket shopping cart. Depending on which section she visits, she could be someone who takes care of herself and family, and knows how to cook. However, if she's at the baby's diaper section you might want to pass.
The downside: She'll probably bring you to the supermarket and turn you into the shopping cart.

2. Banks
Why: She's got savings. Someone who owes the bank lots of money will never show up in person.
The downside: If she turns you down and you're too embarrassed to stay in the queue, you may have to leave and return some other day.

3. Watsons/Guardian Pharmacy
Why: She is someone who takes care of her appearance and practises personal hygiene.
The downside: You probably don't and never visited the pharmacy.

4. Food centre / Coffee Shop
Why: She eats (unless you prefer a gal who doesn't... could save you alot of money). She is financially prudent and not a princess who only eats at restuarants.
The downside: Just make sure you're not chatting up the drink/beer auntie.

5. Library
Why: She is not a bimbo.
The downside: Maybe she's too smart for you and you prefer bimbos.

Suggestions? Agree/Disagree? Tried it? Suggestions on 5 great places to chat up guys? Post your comments!


TrainMan said...

i don't this is a post where we can agree or disagree upon..
cos all the places you state is actually quite common public area..
so i guess it can be Anywhere when you have the Balls? lolz

i like smart gal and you blog early today!!