2nd best thing in life


Just got home from a 10km jog with my friend at the park connector near my place. When we reached the halfway mark I was so thinking of my 100plus in my fridge! The 2nd best thing in life is a great workout followed by a drink of cold 100plus! Am I easy to please or what :)


TrainMan said...

to me 100plus only taste good after i have a good work.

Anonymous said...

This title makes me wonder whats top on your list ? Care to share ??
A good workout followed by a cold 100plus, that's your 2nd best thing .. really that's all ??? You are easily contented girl at times, we all have our moments where the simplest pleasures are one of the best things in life.

Anonymous said...


1st is Sex lah! duh

and dont u be so naive as to think she is easily contented. Wait till you end up her slave then it's too late for you. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

KW, as the saying goes: the best things in life are free :)